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    We are all about beautiful patterns. Why be anything but BOLD? Bellissimi, Italianissimi, Zacchissimi!

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Cute Screen Saver

Drawn 100% by hand using watercolours and pastels, and later manipulated in photoshop to create colour variations. This pattern is a hit on our wedding invites and it’s now available for download as a screen saver for both mobile and desktop.

Download it here.

Here a bit of the process, you can see the original painting and the inverted pattern version on the iphone.

And a sneak peek on the new products that are coming in soon, the coolest and cutest mobile phone covers!


Also Awesome

Carnival in Venezia

Last weekend I was in Venice for the carnival, and although it’s a short train ride away from Rome (just 3 hours) I had never actually been there before! The city is full of charm and really artistic, full of galleries and glass shops (glass from Murano can be found in every corner).

After getting lost many many times, arriving at many dead end roads, I ended up in a non touristic part of town. Which is also so full of character. No gondolas around, people drying sheets outside their windows…

But if you are feeling touristic you can always sit down and order a six euro coffee and the Caffè Florian in Piazza San Marco. It’s a cafe from the 1720, with an exuberant decor and equally exuberant prices.

And since it was Carnival, there were the masks… so many masks. Some people spend up to 10k for renting a costume for 3 days.

At the Dorsoduro neighbourhood, where the university is, I found this little pigment shop (Arcobaleno Pigmenti) where you can choose the colour and base for watercolour, oils and acrylics. And they also make jewellery with the pigments inside!

It was cold and foggy, but the sun did come out some times.


Also Awesome

Simple Things

In Italy even the simple things can become a big deal. It all depends on using good quality ingredients, and even the simplest becomes super tasty.

Since I had to drive down from Rome to the southern Coast I stopped in a place called Battipaglia, close to Naples for their famous Mozzarella di Bufala. It’s far from cheap, but it’s definitely “the” place for buying mozzarella.

And it sets the mood for the perfect simple lunch watching the sea: mozzarella, bread, fruit and champagne. What else?

Buon Appetito

Also Awesome

Brazilian Paradise Trip

When we were launching the bikini collection in Brazil it was the perfect opportunity to unity business with pleasure and do a photoshoot for the new collection in a breath taking location.

It was around November, which means it was still spring in Brazil and temperatures were rising. We head up to the North East to a State called Alagoas, starting from the capital Maceió, and driving to next State’s Capital: Recife.

I set “Camp” in a Paradise location, a little beach called Marceneiros. Which was almost always empty.

The house itself was a dream come true, full of amacas by the moon and literally right on the sand. Not to mention that there was free coconuts at all times. Thanks to the house guardian, who would pic them up and store them in the fridge at my every wish (I mean, when can I go back?).

The typical thing about this region is the natural swimming pools that get formed when the tide is low. And there are just a short boat ride away.

And this is the setting where we got most of the shots done.

To top it all up my return ticket was from Rio. Since I’ve been to Rio many many (manyyyy) times I decided to do something different this time, and went for an afternoon trekking trip in “Pedra Bonita” where you have an amazing view of the city!

View of: Leblon – Rocinha – São Conrado 

View of: Barra da Tijuca

Also Awesome

Bench Makeover

I think everybody has or already had some Marius Ikea benches at home. I had a pair, very old that I inherited when I moved in with my husband. I must say, I truly hated them. So here’s how I did a huge makeover and can now proudly use them at my studio.

First I painted the legs with gold spray. With a little trip to Leroy Merlin I had a piece of wood cut measuring 30 x 40 cm and a foam with the same measurements. Then using a professional staple gun I secured a fresh Zacchissimi Fabric to the wood.

Then I simply screwed the wood back in (I used longer screws then the one that comes with the bench).

I have added them as extra seats to my table.

Also Awesome

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